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Foreign Language Vocabulary Builder
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WordBanker is a unique and fun way of helping you learn a foreign language. WordBanker focuses on building a vocabulary rather than bogging you down with complicated grammar. You only get tested on the words you don’t know


All languages are interchangeable. Any combination of the above languages can be used i.e   English> Spanish, Spanish>German, Greek>Hindi  et

  • “View Word” or “Hear Word” Testing
    Choose between seeing or hearing a word and then select the translation from one of the boxes. When the session of 20 words is complete, in the next round your will only be tested on the words you got wrong. This continues until all words are translated correctly. If you translate a word correctly, 3 times in the 1st round, the word will be banked and you will not see it again
  • Hotlist”
    Words that are important to you can be added to a “Hotlist” so you can test yourself only on those words
  • Add/Delete/Edit Words
    Add or import your own words. Delete or edit existing words.
  • Timekeeping
    Set yourself a daily target for practising. Includes a progress report so if you miss 5 minutes one day, you can make it up the next
  • Shuffle Words Between Sessions
    By default, you will be tested on the same 20 unbanked words each session which is ideal for beginners. When you feel more confident you can choose to “shuffle words” between rounds. This will select words randomly and is much harder
  • Practice Mode
    Ideal for when you driving and unable to interact. Acts like an audio player where you will hear the word and translate it to yourself before the answer is given
Version Comparison
WordBanker Lite WordBanker Pro
Price Free. No adverts. £4.95
Total Words 300 Words 1420 Words
50 Phrases
View or Hear Words
Shuffle Words
Delete Words
Hide Words
Phrase Testing
Edit Words
Add and Import word Lists
Access to extra word and phrases

WorBanker Pro